52nd GRAMMY AWARDS – The Highlights of the Night

The 52nd Grammy Awards were aired at 8:00 pm this Sunday on CBS. Here are the highlights of the event, for those who missed it.

There was in total 16 performances by various artists such as, Lady Gaga, Drake, Pink, Lil’ Wayne, and Elton John.

There was 26.6 millions people on tuned in CBS to watch the Award Show. The Grammy Awards had not gotten that much viewers since 2004.

The Red Carpet

At her arrival Lady Gaga looked better than I ever saw her. She was wearing Armani Prive.

“I am honored to be wearing Armani this evening.” said Gaga “The series of pieces Mr. Armani created for me are truly iconic; they represent not only beautiful fashion, but my spirit and essence as an artist.”

Click here for to see this picture bigger.

The young actress Lea Micheal arrived at the event with a splendid navy mini-dress.

Michele claims this dress was her second pick. She said the first one made her experience “wardrobe malfunction”.

“You could see through the entire thing.”

The Winners

Beyoncé ended up with a staggering amount of 6 awards. Taylor Swift with 4 and (my favorite) Lady Gaga with 2.

For a complete list of the award winners, visit this website.

My Favorite Performances


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