LADY GAGA – Haitian Relief

Since the earthquake in Haiti, Lady Gaga is doing her best to give relief to the Haitians from this disaster.

Lady Gaga is urging her ‘Little Monsters’ to help Haiti.

“Spread the word all around the world, so we can raise as much money as possible.”

… says Lady Gaga on her website.

She recalls the day of 9/11 and how it had scared her. She admits feeling like “no one ever understood” how the population of New York City felt. This is why she says that her fans should help out in the relief effort of the Haitian disaster.

She also revealed that all the money that earns during her concert, in New York, on January 24, will go to Haiti.

You can visit her website, where she sells the shirts like the one you see. There are 25.00 $ US and every dollar goes to help the Haitians.



  1. Lady Gaga has a good heart, truly. She’s incredibly supportive of gay rights and her donations to Haiti are wonderful. For all those people who think she’s some weird alien (I used to be one of them until I heard her early singer-songwriter club gigs…now I love her!), they should take a look at all the wonderful, selfless things she’s been doing with her fame and money!

  2. Andy

    hello theodore its me andy from
    i want to reply your comment in my post entitled
    LADY GAGA’s VIDEO MUSIC : TOP 7 VIDEOS WITH CRAZY FASHION AND POP DANCE…it’s just my top chart for my favourite gaga’s video music…and no, eh-eh is not her first video but 3rd video after pokerface…and her first video in just dance…
    by the way nice to know your blog. i’m beginners for blog..and i think i dont have css upgrade that you mean….

    and nice to know Gaga care about haiti can show her respect for human being

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